Four Kolitsas brothers opened the first HP in 1970, on Hill Ave in Regina. They had just immigrated from Greece with a strong work ethic, and a love of food.


Buzz Began immediately about the pizzas ample fresh toppings, outstanding flavour, and the homemade crust that’s crisp on the outside and delectably soft in the middle.


The demand for Houston Pizza grew, and it wasn’t long before others wanted to open a HP franchise. People very quickly came to understand HP not only as a fun workplace, but a great opportunity to learn and grow in the industry.


As our business grew, so has our menu.  Our full restaurant menu also features entrées like steak, salad, and our famous dry ribs and souvlaki.


At Houston Pizza, we serve up REAL. GOOD. FOOD. Just the way you crave it.

A key Kolitsas brothers philosophy was that whatever went on the menu had to taste good. Well if customer loyalty is any indication, they surely succeeded.

What’s more, the brothers made sure that their business philosophy would hold true to these key fundamentals:

  • put quality over price at any cost

  • prioritize affordability and value

  • focus on flavour

  • provide a comfortable, warm, family atmosphere

  • appreciate customers

  • use the freshest and highest quality ingredients

And the tradition continues today. Under the leadership of a new generation of the Kolitsas family, Houston Pizza continues to serve up consistently REAL. GOOD. FOOD. Popular as ever, there are 11 Houston Pizza outlets in 6 communities across the prairies and beyond.

No matter which HP you visit, you’re at home here.


The unmistakably Mediterranean essence that runs through the HP menu can be traced back to the Kolitsas brothers’ Greek heritage. Olive oil, oregano, lemon, garlic – these flavours form the foundation of the taste that you have come to crave.

Today, our menu bursts with the kind of flavour that only the freshest and highest quality ingredients can bring. 

We take pride in sourcing as much homegrown product as possible: the pizza meat, souvlaki, and dry ribs are all Saskatchewan product, 100% Canadian.

And of course, HP serves 100% Canadian AngusPride® beef, famous for its 21 days minimum aging and triple “A” grade marbling.

As if that wasn’t enough, all our produce is cut fresh daily, not a week ahead of time, and our sauces and dressings are prepared in-house. Why? Because that’s just the way you crave it.